POLICE have been patrolling Halstead as the antisocial behaviour crackdown continues in the town.

Essex Police Braintree district police constables have been out patrolling in Halstead, visiting “antisocial behaviour hotspots” in the town.

During their time, they visited local businesses, spoke to residents, and went to the antisocial behaviour spots which had previously been reported to the police.

An Essex Police spokesman confirmed that there were “no issues” and there will be more patrols in the future.

Halstead Gazette: On the beat - an Essex Police constable patrolling HalsteadOn the beat - an Essex Police constable patrolling Halstead (Image: Essex Police)

They said: “Patrols will continue both on foot and by car to keep you safe and deter crime and antisocial behaviour.

“If you see us, please come and say hello or talk to us about anything you have seen, which is causing you concern."

This was one of the latest efforts to help deter any negative behaviour in the town.

In past months, Essex Police said it was aware of reports of gang-related crime in the town’s Public Gardens, off Trinity Street, over a 12-month period,

Incidents in the park and surrounding area saw a youth try to rob an 18-year-old, and on a different occasion, a man threatened to stab a 14-year-old boy.

Halstead Gazette: Mayor - Councillor Andy MundayMayor - Councillor Andy Munday (Image: Halstead Town Council)

However, there has been an increase in community support officers patrolling the Public Gardens with the council also implementing a street warden.

Halstead mayor Andy Munday thinks antisocial behaviour will “decline” thanks to the many schemes dedicated to stamping it out.

He said: “I am very pleased to see things done to crackdown on antisocial behaviour in Halstead.

“It is very welcome to have the police presence in Halstead and for the police specials as well.

“I’d like to mention we have a street warden and the Safer Streets Programme which is sponsored by Essex Police.

“With all these things going on, antisocial behaviour should be on the decline, and Halstead will continue to be a great place to live.”

Halstead Gazette: Good job - an image of a police officer patrolling Halstead's Public GardensGood job - an image of a police officer patrolling Halstead's Public Gardens (Image: Essex Police)

Halstead Gazette: Looking out for the community - a police officer in HalsteadLooking out for the community - a police officer in Halstead (Image: Essex Police)

Halstead secured £450,000 of Safer Streets funding last year.

The funding includes upgrading and installing more CCTV and a street warden targeting certain areas of the town,

Some of the funds will also be used to aim reducing violence against women and girls.