TROUBLE spots are set to be looked at as well as better CCTV being installed as work to make Halstead’s streets safer continues.

Halstead Town Council has provided an update on the ongoing Safer Streets Project in the town.

The town secured £450,000 of Safer Streets funding last year.

Following the latest town council meeting, an update has been provided on the project, which includes upgrading and installing more CCTV and a street warden targeting certain areas of the town.

A council document providing an update on the Safer Street project reads: “Our street warden is already very much aware of activity and trouble spots in the town.

“Although he will focus on the area stretching from Ramsey School down the High Street and into the Public Gardens, he also visits other nearby areas, and reports back on what he sees.

“In March, the CCTV in Butler Road carpark has been upgraded to a higher specification, and the new CCTV in Rosemary Lane installed to the same specification.

“We are still waiting for Eastlight to confirm the use of their building for the equipment to operate the six cameras in Chapel Street carpark.

“The project has now agreed to the installation of CCTV also outside the public toilets and in the Causeway.”

The council also said it has agreed to pay the extra funds needed to cover the new CCTV being installed, however, there may also be funding available from the project.

It also revealed a grant agreement has been signed, and the first instalment of the grant has now been paid.

As part of the near £500,000 worth of Safer Streets funding, various projects are underway to tackle antisocial behaviour and other crime such as burglary, robbery, theft and vehicle theft.

There is also the aim of reducing violence against women and girls.

Each project includes a range of activities to improve the physical environment, promote community involvement, and create safer spaces.

This includes investment in redesigning walkways, lighting and CCTV, as well as boosting community involvement, including work with schools, young people and businesses.