COLCHESTER Amateur Boxing Club's Blake Marshall secured a split decision points win over Stonebridge ABC's Nicholas Qato.

Marshall commanded a convincing opening round against Qato and set the standard for the contest, staged at the White Hart Lane Boxing Academy open show.

Qato tried to box on the back foot but was pressured and beaten to punch by Marshall's positive boxing.

In the second round Qato changed tactics and came forwards more trying to match Marshall's pressure.

This resulted in more holding and clinches, however eager to maintain the lead Marshall stayed busy whilst in range throwing body-shots and short bent arm punches.

Both boxers gave the final round their all with the momentum swaying back and forth.

The two early rounds were enough thought to see a split decision point win awarded in favour of the Colchester boxer.

Colchester's James Price competed in the England Boxing Schoolboy National quarter-finals against Harry Johnson of Repton Boys Club, in Tilbury.

Price gave away experience to Johnson in the competition but boxed a competitive contest.

After a close first round where Price boxed mostly on the back foot, Johnson picked up the pace and tried to skilfully cut down the ring against Price's fast footwork.

Johnson's higher work rate and front foot tactics caught the judges eye and the Repton boxer was awarded the win by unanimous decision.

But Price proved that he could hold his own against some of the best and will be one to watch for the future.