DEVELOPERS will be ordered to pay more than £1million towards extra school places if a controversial housing application is accepted.

Gladman Developments want permission to build 205 homes on land next to Sudbury Road, a suggestion which has angered residents.

It is understood a lack of school places could be used as grounds for the huge development on the edge of Halstead to be rejected.

The alternative could be for the developers to pay for the places.

Essex County Council, in its response to the application, stated a lack of “surplus education provision”

to accommodate proposed new homes could be used as an “additional reason for refusal” if plans are blocked.

If plans are approved County Hall will be seeking £783,141 for primary school education, and £267,121 for early years and childcare provisions in the form of contributions from developers.

When planning applications are made the impact on infrastructure is considered and if there would be a detrimental impact developers can receive conditions which require them to contribute if they want to build the homes.

More than 1,000 residents have submitted objections to Braintree Council.

Concerns raise include the capacity at Elizabeth Courtauld’s Surgery and primary school places in the town.

Essex County Council stated Halstead would need at least 61.5 additional primary school places if the plans are approved, as well as 41 secondary school places and 18.4 early years and childcare places.

The proposed site sits within the admissions area for St Andrew’s Primary School, on Mathews Close, but the school posted admissions numbers of 30 pupils per year group in the last school year, while Halstead primary schools as a whole show there are 961 permanent places and 955 filled, leaving six slots.

A submission from Essex County Council earlier this month stated: “It is clear additional primary school places will be necessary.

“This development would add to that need, and thereby, the scope of projects to provide additional school places is directly related to the proposal.”

The council would seek £12, 734 per additional primary school place, totalling a contribution of £783,141. Almost £270,000 would be required for early years. There is sufficient secondary school capacity.