MEASURES to improve safety on a busy road in Halstead have moved one step closer to becoming reality.

Residents of Colchester Road, Halstead, expressed concerns about the speed and volume of traffic using the road after a number of accidents in the last year.

One resident, William Marsh, has had several cars crash into the wall at the front of his property, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage and leaving him living in fear of a serious accident.

Along with some of his neighbours, he approached the town council, and Dave Gronland, Halstead Town Council’s representative on Braintree Council’s local highways panel, has been putting the case forward the case for improvements. A cost for the scheme has been determined as between £3,000 and £5,000.

The highways panel will have to approve any scheme inclusion within the programme. Mr Marsh said: “I know these things take time but at least it is a step in the right direction.

“From day one I know it would not happen overnight but everybody from the town council seems to be one our side and acknowledges something needs to be done.

“It is on my mind a lot of the time.

“Sometimes it keeps me up at night worrying when I hear the cars.”

Mr Marsh is also liaising with police officers, who are due to undertake speed surveys in the area within the next four weeks.