A MEETING will be held to discuss the future of a footbridge that has been closed for three years.

Portway Bridge has been out of action since 2014 after it was assessed to be too dangerous.

Late Essex county councillor Joe Pike continuously criticised County Hall for failing to take action over the bridge before he passed away in December.

Now, Halstead town councillor Jackie Pell has picked up the mantle, and has been in regular discussion with Tom Cunningham, Braintree Council’s councillor responsible for economic development.

She said: “It definitely has not been forgotten.

“It is in the mind of both the district council and Halstead Town Council.

“In all honesty, we haven’t stopped talking about it, and we are in contact with the residents that side who have their concerns.

“Although there hasn’t been a lot of progress, because as we know these things do take time, the bridge has not been forgotten about and we will continue to try and find a solution.”

Essex County Council previously stated the bridge would need several hundred thousand pounds worth of repairs. Mr Cunningham, who focuses on town regeneration across Braintree, believes the bridge forms part of a wider regeneration scheme for the area.

Although he admitted progress will be slow, he is certain Braintree Council will help where it can.

Mr Cunningham said: “It is a long standing issue that is subject to numerous conversations at various levels.

“Although the bridge is not owned by the district council, we will be doing our utmost to find a solution.

“There will be a meeting in coming weeks between Halstead Town Council, Braintree District Council and Essex County Council, and if there is something Braintree can do, then we will.

“The bridge forms part of a wider regeneration plan that we are looking into for the area.”