A SITE for homes has been recommended for approval despite being rejected last year.

A decision will be made on 14 homes off Balls Chase, Halstead on Tuesday when Braintree District Council’s Planning Committee meet.

A previous planning application for the site was refused in February 2016 for the development of 25 dwellings because of inadequate visibility splays, flooding risks and a lack of affordable housing and S106 agreement.

The town council have objected to the plans on the grounds of additional traffic movements posing a risk to footpath users, potential flood risk, Balls Chase being on a steep incline causing further flooding risk.

Halstead Town Council also highlighted issues with the ingress and egress at the bottom of Tidings Hill.

16 letters of objections were received to the initial planning application, as well as a further nine once changes were made to the application.

Resident complaints consisted of a host of reasons, including affordable housing not being included, Balls Chase being too narrow for an increase in traffic, highway safety.

Concerns were raised over access from Balls Chase, but the planning application does not limit access purely to Balls Chase.

The site was rejected last year after both the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA), and the Highway Authority objected.

The Highway Authority in this instance is satisfied that a safe and satisfactory access can be achieved, overcoming the previous highway refusal.

The LLFA refused the application as it did not provide details for the surface water drainage strategy, although these have now been supplied.

With neither the LLFA or Highway Authority overcoming previous reasons for refusal, the site has been recommended for approval.