Several councillors have written to the Gazette expressing their support for NHS England's proposed changes to the surgeries in Sible Hedingham, Great Yeldham and Castle Hedingham.

Last week, the Gazette revealed that NHS England has released proposals to close the three GP surgeries in Sible Hedingham, Great Yeldham and Castle Hedingham and open a new practice in Sible Hedingham out of which all three surgeries would operate.

Joanne Beavis, District Councillor for the Hedinghams, said: “Creating a new primary care hub for the Hedinghams and Yeldhams should secure the future of health services for this area. A modern 21st century building should in itself be more attractive to young medics wishing to fulfil their careers in a rural area.

“Health budgets are limited and if the Hedinghams and Yeldhams do not grasp the nettle of this opportunity for new and improved health facilities and services then the opportunity could be missed possibly for decades to come.”

Frederick Swallow, ex-councillor of Sible Hedingham Parish Council and Braintree District Council, added: "Braintree District Council and indeed all the parish councillors of the three parishes only wish to see their constituents get an up to date surgery provided at a reasonable cost. The present surgeries need to be replaced and this will be a golden opportunity we must not lose."


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