With the school summer holidays almost upon us, the Highways Agency is urging road users in East region to check and maintain their vehicles this summer – as figures reveal that 1,315 of incidents on the region’s roads last summer were potentially preventable.

It is also using data from previous years to analyse popular routes and times in the East – allowing drivers to better plan their journeys.

Agency figures show that out of 22,461 incidents in the East last year during the summer months, 1,315 of them were potentially preventable – with 1,265 tyre-related breakdowns and 50 out-of-fuel breakdowns.

Simon Sheldon-Wilson, Director of Traffic Management, said: “It’s vital that people check and maintain their vehicles before setting off.

"A single preventable breakdown can cause chaos for thousands of people – and congestion costs the economy an estimated £3bn every year.”

Journeys to Cambridge, Great Yarmouth and Stansted Airport can become busy at specific peak times on 18-20 July and 22-25 August.

The Agency will be suspending or completing the as many roadworks as possible during the bank holiday period to help road users.