A mum has praised her doctor as being a “miracle” after he helped save her baby.

Amy Good, 18, was shopping in Halstead last Thursday with her daughter, eight-month-old Miley Montanjees-Good, when her baby stopped breathing.

“I was so scared that I just rushed into our doctor’s surgery, Elizabeth Courtauld surgery, and asked to speak to a doctor.

“They asked me why and when I explained, I only had to wait about thirty seconds to a minute before Dr Abidhar Prasad came to see her.

“He was fantastic. He checked her all over and put himself out to make sure that she was OK.

“He gave us a letter to take to A&E so that we would get seen quickly and even called us an ambulance.

“He was a miracle, an absolute life saver. He could have saved her life.”


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