A 78-year-old is appalled that thieves are targeting shoppers in a Braintree supermarket and believes more CCTV is needed.

Norman Jennings used his card to pay for his shopping in Sainsbury’s, put it back in his pocket, and was then approached in the car park by a man holding a map, who using broken English asked for directions to London.

Within the time it had taken for Mr Jennings to drive to Dunmow for an appointment, thieves had used his card to withdraw £500 from a cashpoint in Braintree.

Mr Jennings also discovered that £35 in cash had also been taken from his pocket.
He said: “This sort of theft is very disconcerting. It shouldn’t be happening.

An Essex Police spokesman said: “The victim was fortunately reimbursed by their bank. There are no further lines of inquiry.”