After more than a year without a proper home, a keen footballer hope to represent  at the England at the Homeless World Cup in Santiago, Chile. 

When Michael Moss, of Holmes Road, Halstead, left his home with his parents at the age of 24 because of arguments, he lived in a tent in his brother’s back garden for four months before sleeping on other people’s sofas for a year.

But, following support and encouragement from James Martin, the positive engagement co-ordinator for Greenfields Community Housing, the former Ramsey Academy pupil is now one of 90 footballers who have been selected for consideration to play for England at the FA 2014 Homeless World Cup.

Michael, now 25, said: “I’ve had some difficult times in the past, but I am trying to focus on the future and increase my skills and confidence so that I can get a good job.

“It’s really exciting and I’m grateful to Greenfields for all the support and help in getting me here.”