A council plans to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds so its recycling service reaches rural businesses.

Braintree Council wants to combine its home and trade waste collections into a single operation.

The scheme will require £690,000 of investment, but the authority believes the changes will reduce costs by £400,000 by 2016.

A new waste transfer station at Cordons Farm in Cressing, due to be ready later this year, will reduce travelling times for waste vehicles.

This will allow the council’s trade waste recycling service to expand further into rural areas.

Wendy Schmitt, Braintree Council cabinet member for place, said: “The creation of the waste transfer station in the district will mean fewer vehicles will be needed, and they will be able to tip more frequently, so creating capacity in the system.

“We have been trialling trade waste recycling in our three towns and this new capacity will allow us to roll this out across the district.

“In addition we will also be combining residential and trade waste collections, so making the whole process more efficient.”

Collection days are likely to change as a result of the changes.

The proposals will be discussed at a full council meeting on February 17.

Mrs Schmitt said: “Significant investment has been identified in the budget proposals and it is important we also look at other ways we can streamline and improve what we do.

“To this end we are proposing the installation of in-cab technology which will help to improve customer service by providing real-time information based on crew reports.”

The creation of a new vehicle workshop in Lakes Road, Braintree, is also proposed.

If approved, the changes will come into effect early next year.