A dog walker fears that her pets may be injured by the growing amount of broken glass allegedly left on Halstead’s streets.

When their dog Clover got a piece of glass stuck in her paw in 2011, Elizabeth and Anthony Woolnough, of East Mill, Halstead, had to pay £90 at the vets to have it removed.

A few years later and Mrs Woolnough, 48, believes that the situation has got worse.

She said: “There is often glass on the pavement throughout town but especially in Mallows Field and Parsonage Street.

“It can be there for weeks sometimes. I keep thinking that someone will come and clear it up but no one does.”

Councillor Wendy Schmitt, Cabinet Member for Place at Braintree District Council, said: “Following a report of broken glass on Parsonage Street on Monday, a street warden visited the site and cleared the glass.

“This is the first instance we have had a report of a problem. These roads are frequently cleaned and our street wardens are patrolling on a regular basis.

“However if a member of the public does come across broken glass in the street, I would advise them to contact either the Town Council or the District Council with details on location and a rapid response crew will deal with the issue.”