AN estimated 750,000 spectators gathered in the nation's capital on Sunday to support the 50,000 participants in the London Marathon.

Among the dedicated runners were 12 from the Halstead Road Runners (HRR), including Rachel Rising who led the pack, finishing first for Halstead with an impressive sub-3-hour time of 2:58.10.

Rising was competing with a championship place, as was Karen Pickering who followed closely behind, finishing the marathon in 3:03.36.

Hayley Lamkin, running in her third marathon, achieved a five-minute personal best with a time of 3:08.16.

Keely Jordan and coach Rachael Roughan also showcased their strength on the track, finishing in 3:24.55 and 3:26.17 respectively.

Tracy English, coach to three of the HRR's female competitors, ran alongside Jordan, thoroughly enjoying the atmosphere and crossing the finish line in 3:29.39.

In the men's category, Ian Wingrove finished in 3:57.42 while Bob Langley, returning after an injury, completed the course in 4:07.14.

Darren Powell, winner of the club’s London Marathon place, demonstrated admirable spirit, maintaining a cheerful demeanour despite experiencing a few niggles during the race.

He completed the track in 4:31.08.

Halstead Gazette: Caroliena Cameron headed to France to run the Nice half-marathonCaroliena Cameron headed to France to run the Nice half-marathon (Image: Halstead Road Runners)

Noush Springett, who won a ballot place, displayed monumental resilience.

Despite sustaining an injury only weeks prior to the event, she managed to cross the finish line in 4:47.59.

Jo Roulson, another ballot place winner, hit a time of of 5:20.54.

Outside of the London Marathon, HRR's Andy Wilmot participated in the Barrow Marathon on the same day.

Despite still recovering from an injury, he successfully finished the course, he walked the race, covering 26.2 miles in 6:42.

Elsewhere, Caroliena Cameron of the HRR team headed to France to participate in the Nice Half Marathon.

After competing in the Manchester half marathon just last weekend, she completed the Nice course boasting a commendable time of 1:54.14.

Both locals and London-wide, Halstead Road Runners members demonstrated excellent stamina, determination and sportsmanship in the weekend's lineup of races.

Surely a testament to the pre-event aims of marathon founders, Chris Brasher and John Disley, who set out to create an event that fostered achievement and happiness.