Colchester United fans have their say on their side's 1-0 defeat at Crawley which extended their winless run to 12 matches, in League Two.

Teddy Dwan

This is the worst Colchester have played in a long long time. The 6-1 loss at Exeter showed early in the season all the faults in this team. None of these have been addressed and on current form, I'm seriously worried about relegation.


Form guide and the nature of the performances speak for themselves. This was a game where 3 points was really necessary. Next few games will be difficult and the fear of relegation is genuine. You’ve seen management changes for less...

Jon Southgate

Robbie promised not to bankrupt the club like many other league two clubs are in danger of. We knew when he didn’t re-new contracts and let senior players leave during lockdown one that we weren’t going to compete for promotion. This club is set up to stay viable - I support RC

Phil Hall

The team isn't gelling to get the necessary goals. Its difficult for RC as the club doesnt have a big support so relies on the academy as the basis but it needs a rethink. Need a L2 experienced coach to help Steve or a new manager with full control. Current set up ain't working

Kevin Hawkins

It really is time that the director of football earns his crust, because at the moment we are not playing football. Steve ball is so far out of his depth, the players have no enthusiasm for the badge, action has to be taken

Duncan Stonehouse

McGreal deemed a failure for not getting us promoted with a similar squad. Ball might well get us out of this division but not in the way we would have wanted. We’re going backwards fast. The ‘performance director’ needs to have a word with himself! As for D.O.F? Do me a favour

Shelley Moules

We are seriously worried how many #colu fans will turn up to watch a game when we are eventually allowed back in the stadium playing like this! Not entertaining football at all, yes you lose some but it’s the manner that you do that’s important

Jason van-Haaren

Too many cooks......

Jack Ladbrook

Can’t even bring myself to watch games anymore not like we even look like a team with a game plan or anything Ball is clueless and the way we are going we’ll be playing Conference football next year unless Cowing gets his act together and stop telling the fans we’re overachieving


Will we be the only team in vanarama with a 10,000 stadium


speechless, don’t know what’s going on right now. players don’t want it and steve ball has to go, not fair on the fans for the performances and the club has to expect backlash, clubs a shambles and eventually something will crumble whether it’s the league position or overall club


Time for Ball to leave before he is sacked on Tuesday night !

Si Collinson

While the buck always stops with the manager, the players have to start standing up and being counted. The goal was conceded due to ball watching and not picking up the man on the edge of the box. A reset and rethink as needed ASAP for Tuesday.

Tristan Green

That’s the last time I will pay to watch this now. Absolutely rubbish again today I fear for the worse unless things change ASAP

Michael Richards

The most damming view I can give is that I've begun to not even check the scores this season or look forward to our games. I know the latter is because fans can't be there, however the former should be first & foremost on a Saturday afternoon for any #Colu fan and it's just not.

Tracey Welsh

Unfortunately, each game is more disappointing than the last. In a downward spiral. How many will return to watch when crowds can return - won't have to worry about social distancing. Possibly unlucky today but if you can't score you will never win. Lowest position for 31 years.

Anthony Buckby

How many more games is he going to get?? Any other club would have dismissed manager by now. But the club cannot keep recruiting from within!!

Blank Generation

A decade ago Cowling had a 5 year plan to make Colchester a sustainable Championship club. He went on record saying that he will leave the club in a better position than it was when he took over. Years of consistent decline along with extremely poor appointments are the reality.

Georgina Davies

He keeps playing different players every game, does he not know his first 11. The team can't gel as there are different players every week

Ben Halliday

Lost all interest in this backward thinking football club. Hiring from within is proving unsuccessful every time yet Cowling continues to do so. Ball needs to be sacked but then he will replace him with Mullins or another backroom staff member. Its terrible and won't change

Tom McCormack

18 games to gain the required 52 pts, draws no longer enough, but this team just doesn’t look like it has another win in it this season.

The fixture list isn’t looking pretty with Exeter, Forest Green, Carlisle and Newport next four up.

Easter Monday could be a 6 pointer #ColU

Jamie Hudson

Hiring internal managers has destroyed this club, We are in desperate need of an experienced external manager like Tisdale or Parky, the clubs “Philosophy” hasn’t worked and needs a huge re-think. Also there’s no need for a director of football at the club, especially Humes

Craig Bannock

Ball is not the man for the job, but Mullins must be complicit in the clueless tactics..players seem uninterested or unsure of system being asked of them, Humes pulling the strings from upstairs it’s just never going to work, Mr Cowling needs to act now or it’s National League...

Kyle Clark

Devastated at the late goal, my heart sank. Next 4 games are extremely difficult and it really is time to start talking about a relegation scrap.

Steve Lowe

Sad to say relegation form they are playing poorly and stuck in a rut change is needed quickly


Can't remember why we sacked John McGreal

Matt Laybourn

There’s something fundamentally wrong with the vision and culture that’s been set out by Cowling, Humes, Ball and co. Worst league position since I’ve been a fan in 25 years. The football is truly dire, I can’t bring myself to watch it. This is a low.

Ryan Lines

Director of football is pulling the strings from the armchair and Bally is just the face on matchdays! Ultimately a change is needed but not just the Head coach. Director of football is directing the club down not up. External appointment and philosophy needed before its to late

Luke Ealden

Jeff Stelling “Colchester have sunk like a stone”. Enough said.

Adam Walker CUFC

Ball out, or it’s a trip to The national league

Daniel King

When was the last win? 2 and a half months ago? Crazy times at a club with crazy "leadership"


Ball out or national league incoming