SO as much as I’d like to forget about it and pretend it was a game that never took place, the 6-1 defeat at Exeter hurt, not only because they seem to be our nemesis but also because of the manor by which we lost.

The players seemed very off colour and no matter what Steve Ball tried - substitution, formation change, even the good old-fashioned screaming instructions from the sidelines - it didn’t seem to have any impact.

I would have hated to be in the changing rooms post match and I bet there was a lot of reflection on the long coach trip home.

Anyway enough about the E place, there is finally good news on the horizon. Fans are allowed back into grounds in certain areas of the country and I was ecstatic when it was announced that Colchester will be one.

OK so there will be a lot of differences and changes from last time we all went – which feels like a lifetime ago - no away fans, social distancing between bubbles and having to wear face coverings are just a few of the changes.

But the important thing is that we are allowed back in some capacity. The recent months have shown that football without fans is not the same and I’m sure the players will be looking forward to it as much as we are.

I know I will be like a kid at Christmas come Saturday, just counting down till I can get to the ground and sit to watch the lads.

The club and Robbie Cowling in particular have been very good at communicating what has been happening and how the new normal will look.

Capping the attendance at 1,000 will not please everyone - I get the feeling it is almost a test event to ensure all the systems are 100 per cent and able to deal with the new rules.

Season pass holders are the ones who will be allowed in. So if you haven’t, maybe now is a good time to secure your seat.

One thing I am hoping is that loyal fans who maybe do not want to or are unable to get season passes will not miss out.

I am sure the club has this in the back of their minds and will make it possible to buy individual match tickets for the next home games after Grimsby.

It is a completely new situation and there will be teething problems, but what is key now the green light has been given.

We all support the club and do whatever is required of us on match day to ensure that the Government sees that fans are safe and sensible.

That will mean that the attendance allowed number increases rather that gets reduced or even putting matches behind closed doors again.

That will be a killer, not only for clubs financially, but also to fans mentally.

Yes we may not necessary agree with some of the measures in place, but let's respect the rules and not spoil it both for each other and give the Government any excuses to blame football and its fans for any spikes.

We have a home game against Crawley tonight to hopefully bounce back after the disappointing away trip and then it will be Grimsby coming to town.

Both are games we can and should win. Let's hope this time next week we have the maximum six points and have enjoyed our first game back in months seeing the lads up close and personal.

Up the U’s.