Colchester United head coach John McGreal on potential play-off spot

JOHN McGreal says it will be a 'great achievement' if Colchester United make the League Two play-offs.

But the U's head coach insists he is waiting for the League Two clubs' decision to end the season to be ratified, before thinking too far ahead.

Clubs in the fourth tier collectively decided to bring the 2019-20 campaign to an early conclusion, last week.

They were in favour of three teams being promoted automatically to League One, with the play-offs then taking place to decide on one more side to go up and also decided that no teams being relegated to the National League.

That would mean the sixth-placed U's face Exeter City, who would be the fifth-placed side following the enforcement of the points-per-game system, in the play-offs.

But the decision still needs to be ratified by the EFL and the FA, this week.

McGreal said: "The clubs have had the meeting and they've come up with the proposals, with the season ending, the three teams going up automatically, the points-per-game system, the play-offs and no teams being relegated.

"It still needs ratification from both the EFL and the FA next week to confirm it.

"But with the position we're in, that win we had in our last game at Carlisle has put us in the play-off spots and we're hoping that this week, it'll be confirmed.

"In these testing times that we're in, those were the proposals put forward by all the football clubs, or at least the majority of them and that's the main thing.

"Robbie (Cowling) was in the meeting of their chairmen and saw the majority of the clubs had come up with the proposals.

"We're just waiting now for the i's to be dotted and the t's to be crossed.

"When we've had confirmation that we're back and in the play-offs, we will put the processes in place.

"If we do make the play-offs, it'll be a big achievement for the club.

"But I don't want to be counting any chickens.

"I don't want to comment on it too much until it's all confirmed."

League Two clubs were told by the EFL earlier this month that they would not be returning to training until May 25, at the earliest.

"The players are still working on their fitness programmes," added McGreal.

"There's a date of May 25 in mind for players to return to training and at the moment, we're working towards that.

"When the news is hopefully ratified, we will need the start date.

"That's in the future for now but at the moment, we're just taking it step by step.

"We'll see what this week brings and hopefully, we can get back soon."