BRAINTREE Basketball Club have just enjoyed their most successful season, despite playing against high-level teams.

The all-inclusive club, which offers anyone of any ability court time, are competing against higher teams and also winning.

Coach Dean, chairman of the club said: “Anything can happen when ‘just an idea’ turns from six students in an old gym to a basketball community/family that will last forever!

“It’s been a great season for all our teams.”

On the under-14 boys, coach Ed said: “As my first season coaching, I was unsure as to what to expect from the results.

“We competed against every team we played, and the boys showed their hard work every time they stepped on the court.

“A fantastic winning record for the season and securing the double (both leagues) it had been a very successful year for us and for all at the club!

Results: U14 Boys 1st place National League; U14 mixed 1st place CVL; U17 Boys 1st place CVL;U14 Girls 2nd place National League; U12 mixed 3rd place National League; U11 mixed 7th place CVL; U16 Boys 8th place National League; U18 Men 10th place National League.

On the under-14 girls, coach Alisha said: “The girls played their last season of U14s this year, losing the older players from last season left them with just eight players and each one of them showed great commitment and team work.

“Coming from a tough season last year they knew they had to work hard and come back stronger.

“They did that and worked hard every training session putting everything into every game they played.

“They ended up second in the league losing out to a very tough team but beating some good teams along the way.

“We are really proud as a club of these girls well done to everyone involved with them.”

On the under-17 boys, coach Jazz said: “The under-17s went out to play the cvl with confidence and a great team attitude and it showed as the wins came in.

“The team worked hard and well with each other from the offset showcasing their skills and knowledge of the game leading them to become the season champions.

“It was a pleasure and privilege to take such a wonderful group of lads and to be a part of the winning squad with them.”

On the under-12 mixed team, coach Callum and coach Travis said: “The Braintree U12s has a steady start to the season strengthening our team from early on.

“Everyone pulled together as a team improving all skills and confidence, finishing third in the mixed national league.

“As coaches for our first season it was a pleasure to be involved with such a hard working team.”

On the under-11s, coach Callum and coach Travis said: “This has been a great season for the U11s. The individual and team improvement has been getting better and better as the season has gone on.

“This season has been the most successful for u11 wins for the last few years,there was even a game where we come incredibly close to beating the top of the league and we just missed out by two points, showing how much the team have grown.

“They all have a bright future in basketball ahead of them and both of us coaches are proud of them.

“Thank you to all our lil Devils and all of their parents.

On the under-16 boys, coach Damian said: “The U16s this season placed eighth. We had some highs and lows we brought back games when we were losing to win and the whole squad fought hard.

“U16s is a difficult age group due to most of the team having GCSEs so considering that and other commitments from the team we did well with where we placed.

“We were placed in the top five for a while however unfortunately dropped slightly towards the end of the season.

“I as a coach am very impressed and proud of all of the boys, we had a few close calls but the boys pulled through in a lot of their games showing great teamwork and spirit.

“Thank you to all of our parents and sponsorship you made a massive impact.”

On the under-18 men, coach Jazz said: “This season has been tough for my U18s being put against teams with GB players but still they gave 100% and consistently improved their gameplay.

“Highlight for us was getting to the second round of the cup, the lads put in a outstanding performance against London lions,a premier team in a league above, they impressed everyone with their battle worthy performance even the opposing team Coach stated that the devils made his team work hard for the win.

“They committed when they needed to and came out with a strong game attitude and finished with a smile.

“I am very proud of each and everyone of my players, it has been a privilege to coach them this season.

On the men’s team, coach Travis said: “The Braintree Men’s had a challenging season despite starting off strong.

“Throughout the season we struggled for players due to many injury’s but we played on. Many changes occurred with new players and a new coach that helped bring the team together.

“We look forward to an exiting new season.”

The club have thanked their volunteers and their sponsors Poolworx Ltd, Ebmpapst and Fennes Shoot School.

Anyone interested in sponsoring a team next season should contact