Colchester United season-ticket holder Si Collinson's views on the U's

ONCE, just once I would love to get to the last few minutes of a game, with the result all safe in the bag and no worries.

As great as it is to get a nice last-gasp winner, there is equally the opposite feeling of despair if we concede one.

Exeter, with their fine home form, were out for that late smash and grab, almost finding the way through a resolute U’s defence.

But a great save from Deano and a hastily-cleared corner and we came away with a point, high blood pressure and needing a sit down.

The lads kept a clean sheet against one of the most attack-minded sides in League Two.

We are keeping teams out but sadly they are doing the same to us.

We have debated, argued and typed many-a-social media post about who to play up top but now maybe it is not about the players.

We near the end of the transfer window, with John McGreal stating last week that we would not be bringing anyone else in, unless we have an unexpected departure.

So with the business concluded and the squad set, I feel it is maybe time to try something else.

If it was me – I know football is so simple when watching – I would look to 4-4-2 either flat or to make the most out of Ben Stevenson and Harry Pell in a diamond.

I'd have Harry at the tip in a number ten role supporting the two strikers, while Stevenson sitting deeper in a more holding, playmaking position.

This way our impressive defensive line is still not touched as they are fast becoming a very tight knit and well-oiled machine.

But further forwarded we are able to have more threat in front of goal with strikers supported and able to work together.

This formation also leaves the left and right flanks open to whichever out of our numerous wide players John and Steve Ball decide to use.

I know it is easy to say and no doubt has been thought of but we need goals and a change also keeps the opposition guessing.

On the guessing front, that seemed to be what the officials down in Exeter were basing their decisions on.

There were yellow cards when there was not even a foul, a penalty for a handball on the line that everyone except the ones who mattered saw and then the best one that I haven't seen in ages - a thrown-in given when the ball had not left the field of play.

Even the Exeter player in possession looked shocked when the whistle went.

It is getting worse and the lack of the penalty could cost us.

OK I know there's no guarantee we would have scored but if we had, then that is three points instead of one.

In a close league, that can be a difference between promotion and play-offs.

We travel just over an hour up the road this coming Saturday to Cambridge, where not only have we had a good return of recent results but also take a decent following.

Let's all get up there, make some noise, help the lads to three points and keep the rise to League One on track.