Colchester United season-ticket holder Si Collinson's views on the U's

IT'S never easy or simple supporting Colchester United.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that due to our unbeaten run it would be an easy three points against a Macclesfield Town side who are facing a number of off-the-pitch issues, with points deductions and other sanctions.

Well it was a case of three points yes; easy, no.

Macclesfield turned up with a newly-appointed boss, so that gave them the new manager boost (sounds like a Football Manager game item), plus due to the points issue the table does not tell the whole tale.

We started off well and in good spirits, with two quick fire goals inside 20 minutes.

Callum Harriott's strike is going to be very hard to beat for our Goal of the Season; 2-0 and the U’s were cruising.

But then the feeling around the ground went from 'wow' and expecting a runaway win to one of watching behind our hands, as Macclesfield really went for it, in the second half.

We came close but yet again the South Stand end did not see a U’s goal.

Rather on 72 minutes, Macclesfield's fans were able to celebrate something and at 2-1, the nerves sure kicked in.

Could we hold on while they hit with everything they had?

We did and the win was ours but like I say never easy; a game of brilliance and despair all rolled into one plus, it was rather cold as well.

Henry, the child of a close friend of mine, was mascot for the game.

Being football mad he loved it and was bound to think it was the best Christmas present ever.

But what really stood out was hearing how much fun he had behind the scenes. The players and staff really made an effort.

I know they have a duty to and in the hours before a match, you could forgive them for being a little preoccupied.

But they seemed to have all the time in the world and the children loved it, which was nice to hear as it is another part that fans do not necessarily notice.

One thing that didn't go unnoticed by pretty much everyone in the ground, well except the referee - who missed most things in my opinion – was the coming together between a visiting player and a home fan close to final whistle.

The ball went out of play and as the Macclesfield player went to get it off the fan, he appeared to push the supporter for taking to long to get the ball to him.

Tempers flared but in the aftermath the referee only brandished a yellow card, not the red I felt it should have been.

The player was allowed to remain on the pitch and it seems one rule for players and one for fans.

If that had been the other way round, the fan would probably have been ejected, arrested, banned from attending football matches and no doubt charged with assault.

I know there are two sides to every story but I felt the referee got it wrong and sent out completely the wrong message as to what is acceptable conduct by players, on the pitch.

Back to happier things and the lads have an important run of games coming up that will have a major impact on the final standings.

In 14 days time, we should really know where we stand and if we can carry on winning, with results going our way, this could see us in the top three.

Fingers crossed this is so and hopefully see most of you at the games cheering the lads to the all-important wins.