THERE'S never a dull moment following Colchester United around on a Saturday afternoon.

Last weekend saw us make the trip to Cheltenham Town, to face a team who have lost the least amount of games this season and only once at home.

As a team, the lads put in a decent performance and were very unlucky not to go in at the break with a 2-0 lead.

Luke Norris got his name back on the scoresheet and this, for me, always makes the trip worthwhile, even though he does play better in his Nike Tiempo boots over his current Nike Mercurial ones.

Hopefully Father Christmas will spot this and bring him some studded version to really kick on from Boxing Day onwards.

All joking and my sad obsession with football boots aside, the U’s were made to pay for not taking chances and putting the game to bed.

In the second half, Cheltenham threw everything at Colchester's defence.

It was a hard-fought point that should have been three but for a poor decision, regarding Cheltenham's penalty.

VAR has been brought in to take the grey areas out of football but, instead, it has caused more outcry and controversy already.

However, against Cheltenham, as already eluded to, it would have been a massive help and I’d like to think it would have overturned the penalty decision.

In addition to the spot-kick, I felt there was push on a U’s player beforehand.

So what happens now?

Does the official admit he was wrong?

Does their player get retrospectively punished?

Probably not as it is lowly League Two and not the high-profile Premier League, where these things are put under the microscope.

Even so, what is the good for us?

They have done wrong and no punishment will give us the three points.

Now we have another weekend off but, luckily, we have the Stevenage game in everyone's favourite cup on Tuesday, so not as long a break as before.

It is good to rest but I always feel it is better to keep playing and build the momentum instead of being stop-start.

Then there is the big Manchester United game to think about.

I know in all their interviews manager and players alike have said they are only focusing on the next game.

However, my big worry is that in the next few matches, players will subconsciously have the fear of injuries and knocks that could lead to them missing the December 18 showdown.

This may result in them playing a cautious game that could see us lose some of our intensity. Hopefully I'm wrong but I, for one, cannot blame them if it was to happen.

Next up after the Stevenage match is finally a home league game.

It feels like ages since the last and this time new-boys Salford come to town.

Let's get a nice percentage of the people who have brought United tickets along and back the boys at home.