A GROUP of Braintree and Bocking Swimming Club members created a club first as they travelled to Norwich for the East Region Open Water Championships.

Braintree and Bocking had never entered an event like this, but their swimmers returned with some amazing results.

The girls' category was extremely competitive this year.

Representing Braintree were Katheryn Edwards and Sophie Ball in the one-kilometre event, as well as Rosie Henn in the 2km.

Ball achieved fourth place in the county and sixth place in the region for this event, while Edwards achieved sixth place in Essex and 13th place in the region for her swim.

Henn claimed third place in the county and was fourth-placed in the region over the longer distance.

In the boys' events were Charles Rennie, Samuel Rennie and Matthew Pack, with all three swimming in the 2km event and returning some impressive results.

Charles Rennie achieved a first place award in both the county and the region in his event, while Samuel Rennie was first in the county and fourth in the region for his swim.

Pack achieved a third place award in the county and sixth in the region overall.