Colchester United season-ticket holder Si Collinson's views on the U's

A point too far.

Three minutes, 180 seconds, that is how close we were to the play-offs, closer than the time it takes to make a cup of tea.

After a season of ups and down, the U's rollercoaster still had one last turn on the final day.

We all went to Lincoln knowing that we had it all to do and were reliant on the other results going our way.

Nothing but praise can be given to the team for the performance in what was one of the top displays of the season.

The fact that it was at the home of the league champions on the day they lifted the trophy was even more rewarding, topped off by the home teams booing their team off at half-time.

As the game kicked off the U's hit the ground running and after the first goal to give us the lead, all attention turned to elsewhere.

Half-time all was going well, in the play-offs on goals scored.

Then the hour mark passed, 70 minutes, 80 minutes could the almost impossible be happening?

Then boom one final twist of the tail and Newport scored in the 87th minute, the scrappiest of goals but enough to se our dreams dashed.

The hush fell as the realisation dawned, topped off by the fact the Lincoln fans then started singing, more interested in our fate than their own team.

One point, one goal decided the final day as far as we were concerned and left us eighth and looking at another season in League Two.

I know it went down to the wire but rarely does the league table lie and we can look back at key moments of the season where that point could have been made up.

But ifs and buts do not win promotion and now we must look forward.

Key players will sadly leave - I am more than happy to be proved wrong but I think Sammie Szmodics and Frankie Kent, both key players this season, will be off to higher leagues - much deserved for their personal careers - along with possibly Brennan Dickenson who is out of contract.

Others will no doubt come and go, making the summer transfer window a must watch.

We really need to keep as many of the squad as possible and then replace and strengthen where needed.

The core is there and hopefully can push that point extra next year if not more and go up as league champions.

From the supporters side, I personally have enjoyed the away days this season (home matches are good but the away days are the more memorable) early starts and late nights of countless motorway miles.

The match and the result clearly matter but it is all about the day, talking football and all the key points of the day, score, line-ups etc on the drive up ,the hearty breakfast, the pre-match pint.

They all add up to making it a day out, not just a game of football.

The core that follow the U's up and down the country while at times not agreeing on all issues do have a mutual respect and understanding that these days bring.

On average, we have taken 315 supporters away to games and everyone should be proud of the noise and support shown.

No matter what happens over the summer, we will be there next year come rain or shine.

Like I said earlier in the season, it is that habit that needs to be fed - that will never change.

Football. It's a funny old game and I am sure next season will be just as fun and drama filled.