I KNEW I was in for an edge-of-my-seat, action-packed Sunday.

As soon as I woke up, I had a feeling it was going to be one of those days. Dramatic and nerve-shredding.

Mind you, that had nothing to do with Ipswich Town’s final fixture of the season, against Leeds United.

Instead, my first thought was Line of Duty and what promised to be a pulsating final episode of Jed Mercurio’s brilliant BBC drama.

The football was something to get out the way. A dead-rubber at the end of a dismal campaign.

Metaphorically, I was on the beach. My flip-flops were on.

Or so I thought.

Instead, Town’s season finale was the highlight of their whole campaign and, in terms of suspense and unpredictability, every bit as good as any TV show.

Supporters have been starved of entertainment this season.

It’s been a barren, depressing ten months with far too many repeats (in terms of defeats and sub-standard performances) - but how gratifying to end with a victory.

A modicum of comfort before the much-needed summer hiatus; a swashbuckling display to put smiles back on faces.

This was a plot laced with everything. A real ratings winner.

Goals, chances, a hapless penalty miss and a red card (not to mention red herrings in terms of the destiny of the points).

And for me, it heralded the arrival of a new star in the making. Toto Nsiala.

The defender has been much-maligned this season and perhaps rightly so. It hasn’t been an easy transition to Championship football.

However, Nsiala has grown in stature, has the strength of an ox, is commanding in the air and pings passes round with aplomb.

It was suggested to me that his playing style is similar to that of Titus Bramble. Spot on.

Titus was one of those players who was capable of brilliance. A defensive rock.

However, you always sensed he had a mistake in him. A lapse in concentration was just around the corner.

Toto is similar. He’s still raw and not always comfortable to watch.

But he has all the tools to become a defensive linchpin in League One.

In common with his team, he’s a work in progress. Talented but rough around the edges.

The same can most definitely be said of Town.

Too many times this season that progression has hit the buffers and been called into question.

But the potential is undoubtedly there. So too the character, energy and quality.

Next time, just maybe, those ingredients will blend together and bear fruit.

So roll on the new season - of both Line of Duty and for Ipswich Town.