Colchester United season-ticket holder Si Collinson's weekly views on the U's

WARNING - for some this might prove to be an unpopular article and make it sound like I am suddenly a spokesman for the club.

This is not true; I would like to assure you all that the following is based not only on my own thoughts and views but also on those of others, over the last few games.

Saturday's 3-0 loss at Exeter City, which followed on by the defeat to Forest Green last Tuesday, has left players, management and fans scratching their heads after such a masterclass at home to Newport County.

What went wrong? How can such a dominant performance suddenly be followed by 120 minutes of six goals shipped with none in reply?

I know a lot has been said on social media about what when wrong and what needs to change etc.

I am not going to get involved in that here only to say that in hindsight, it is very easy - the club do not set out to travel more than ten hours on the road just to lose or upset fans. They are feeling it as well.

So where does that leave us now? Well currently eighth, one point outside of the play-offs, with teams above us left to play.

As supporters, now is our chance to be the much-talked 12th man.

I agree that the results that have recently gone against us will not attract masses of new fans but at this current point it is about the 'true' and 'hardcore' supporters the club have.

While disagreement and personal views are part of football and lead to interesting debate, there is a time and a place for that.

Right now, we need to back the squad and management to a man.

The reasons are simple - positivity from us will transfer to the players and no-one likes being told in a aggressive manner after a bad day at work how bad they were.

It does not help the recovery or mindset for the next game and the spiral continues.

We all at some point decided or were press-ganged into supporting the U's, by family, friends or for other reasons. Now we must do that.

Then, come what may at the end of the season, we can either celebrate the day out at Wembley and promotion or at that stage, vent what was wrong.

At that point, all of the facts and figures will be finalised and questions will be asked if needed and quite deservedly, by the fans.

But until the end of the season and we see what May brings, let's back the boys and do all we can so at least then we will know that we gave it our all from the stands.

It's Tranmere at home on Saturday and a win there with other results going our way will see us right back in the play-off mix. Hopefully see you all there.