HAKAN Hayrettin says there is a world of difference between the Braintree Town squad he has inherited this time he has been appointed as Iron boss compared to his previous stint in charge at the club.

However, he insists that he will be looking to bring in some new faces after taking the role on a permanent basis this week.

Having had a successful spell as caretaker boss - when the side took seven points from four Vanarama National League games in charge - over the last month, Hayrettin has been handed the reins full-time by the club's board and can now begin moulding the squad to his own vision.

He said the current crop of players had the shirts now and it was up to them to show that they wanted to hold on to them.

However, he added that would "100 per cent" be making changes and was pleased that he had greater freedom to do so now than when he came in as manager for his first stint in charge in the autumn of 2016.

He said: "Last time, we had a hell of a lot of players who were signed on contracts meaning that we were left in a difficult position because we could not budge them.

"It's not like that now; this time, there is a younger group and a hungrier group who want to do well.

"But they are also a group who sometimes need to be told what to do.

"They are a fresh group but they need to understand the lack of experience that is there.

"Hundred per cent, I will look to make changes to the squad.

"I'm looking for players who for players who will relish the challenge, but also who I won't have to tell more than twice to do something and who won't make silly mistakes that will cost us goals.

"I think I have the scope to make the changes that I want.

"Success at this level is all about consistency and recruitment.

"If your recruitment is right then your consistency will be right, but it you get recruitment wrong then you will be up against it.

"That's the key and I will be looking to get it right."

However, Hayrettin said the players in the squad now should relish the chance to make sure they are part of his plans going forward.

"Why should the players who are here now not be looking to push on under me?" he added.

"They have the shirts on their backs now and they have to prove that they went to keep them.

"They have to prove that to me that they can do that.

"In the short space of time that I've been working with them, they have seen that I don't hold back my punches.

"I kept them in the changing room at Aldershot for 45 minutes at the end of the game on Saturday to tell them things that I had seen that I felt were costing them and it's up to them to respond to things like that."

Meanwhile, Hayrettin confirmed that Danny Searle would remain as his number two in his managerial structure.

He added: "Danny is staying on as my assistant and we have a very good relationship.

"He has a wealth of experience and we respect each other very much."