HAKAN Hayrettin knows exactly what the size of the task that lies ahead of him is as Braintree Town's new permanent manager.

The 48-year-old admits that he has taken the managerial position with his eyes wide open as he looks to keep them in the Vanarama National League this season.

He has already spent a brief spell at the helm as caretaker boss following the departure of Brad Quinton last month, but has now taken it on a permanent basis and is tasked with getting them clear of the drop zone and up the table as soon as possible.

It is Hayrettin's second stint in charge of the side and while his first ended in relegation from the National League two years ago, he feels it is a very different scenario that he is coming into now from the one he faced back then.

And while he knows some fans may not welcome back a boss who took them down before, he appreciates the challenge ahead and is ready to meet it full on.

Heyrettin said: "I know what lies ahead of me - it is a challenge.

"But if you accept it, you go with it and I will make sure that we keep swinging until we come out the other side.

"I've never given up on anything and we'll do everything in our power to be the best that we can be.

"I know the negatives and I know the pluses.

"I felt fortunate and I was pleased to get the call to come in as caretaker manager and I have embraced it.

"I knew what I was letting myself in for.

"I knew there would be disgruntled fans, but I won't shy away from it.

"But it is exciting to come back in.

"There was some acrimony when I left before, but it was agreed that it would be for the best by both parties back then.

"I know that some supporters held me responsible for what happened, but that was not the case.

"Personally, I don't think there is any point for me to prove because I know that we did everything at our disposal back then to keep us up."

Hayrettin's spell as caretaker boss saw the team earn seven points from four games to pull themselves within touch of sides outside the relegation zone and that form impressed the club's board enough to hand him the reins permanently.

However, the new boss is under no illusion about the size of the task that lies ahead.

"This is a unique club," he added.

"It is one of just two part-time teams in this league and people need to understand that and acknowledge that fact.

"To be playing at this level and training just twice a week means just staying up this season will be like Braintree winning the league from where we are at the present moment in time.

"But I'm very excited, I'm looking forward to it and I can't wait to get my teeth into it.

"I just want to maximise the potential of what we have here.

"It is a tough place and there are a lot of people who still see it as the Pub Team From Essex, but they keep playing at this level for a reason and it's our job to sustain that now.

"I don't want to, but I have to accept that we won't win every game and I'll never get too high with success and never too low with failure.

"What I will promise, though, is that everyone who crosses the white line under me as manager will give 100 per cent for the cause.

"I've won the Conference twice as a player and once as a coach and I know what this league demands of you.

"Unfortunately we could not turn things around before, but one thing people will know about my teams is that they will work tirelessly for the cause.

"We will do our best to utilise our knowledge to get the best out of the players that are here."