THE Braintree Club Sweep on Hobbs Croft followed the pattern of the match two weeks before, when the early pegs caught almost from the whistle.

This time, the higher numbers were devoid of fish, though, and anglers on those pegs had no bites on the pole line.

Simon White was on the first peg and he had roach and skimmers, but then hooked into a carp and at eight pounds it boosted his weight to a match-winning 12-14-0.

Andy Stebbing was on the next peg and had small roach and skimmers for 5-10-0 and second place.

The fishing was very hard at Notley on Friday, with silver fish very reluctant to feed.

This led to more time being spent trying for carp and three anglers had one each, so size would decide the winner.

Having won four matches on the trot, Bob Reed`s luck held and he came out on top again as his carp weighed 4-14-8, compared to the other two which were three pounders.

Jim Loosley took the silver fish pool once again with a 1-5-8 total.

On Sunday, the club are on Ash Grounds and will take a chance on the right-hand bank for a few fish.