CARE home residents are being moved out amid fears of a lack of Covid safety compliance. 

Southend Council, Essex County Council and the Southend Clinical Commissioning Group are ending their contracts with Strathmore Care and moving residents out of Fairview House care home in the next three weeks.

The authorities say the move is to protect residents due to ongoing concerns about the quality of care being given, but did not say how many residents would be moved.

Fairview House was slammed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in its latest report after it was discovered staff were not fully compliant with Covid-19 measures, including the use of PPE.

Strathmore Care previously stated a manager had been fired due to them “not being up to the task” of improving the home.

In response to the council’s announcement, the firm said it was “deeply saddened”, and while acknowledging there were “specific shortcomings”, said it had appointed an experienced interim home manager and a care consultancy to tackle the issues.

A spokesman said: “The council was aware of and supportive of these plans, however we did not have the opportunity for both appointments to get to work and have an impact before the council changed their mind and withdrew their contract. 

“We understand this will be an upsetting time for residents, their families and staff, and our priority remains making sure everyone is kept safe at this challenging time.”

The spokesman added the company will work closely with the authorities to “ensure a smooth transition”.

Raymond Earrey, 68, a resident of the home, suffered a stroke 15 months ago and wanted to stay at Fairview House rather than move, as he has been moved several times in the past year.

He said: “When you have a stroke and can’t do anything for yourself, you get used to certain situations.

“The uncertainty through moving is just something you don’t want. It’s one of those things unfortunately.”

Anne Jones, deputy cabinet member for adult social care and health said: “Following further visits and a meeting this weekend it was clear that, despite the significant intervention and substantial extra staffing provided, the service was not going to improve in the long-term.
“Taking this action is not something we do lightly, but it is the right course of action to ensure the safety and protection of vulnerable residents.”

Tricia D’Orsi, Deputy Accountable Officer for the Southend CCG, said: “Since January 2020 we have been working hard with both councils and the CQC to monitor the care and treatment of residents in Fairview House with a number of planned and unannounced visits taking place and advice and support offered.

“Despite the significant support and intervention provided we are concerned that the residents remain at risk of poor quality care and support.

“Additional concerns about the safety of residents have also been raised in recent days and it has therefore been decided to move residents out of the home.

“This is never a decision taken lightly, but one that had to be made in the interests of the residents and families involved.”

The council did not say how many of the 53 residents housed in the care home will be moved.