A primary school has shown what it is like to learn while social distancing.

Lee Chapel Primary School, in Basildon, has given every pupil the opportunity to have face to face teaching for a minimum of a month, since lockdown began to be eased.

The Echo reported last week how more than 700 children are now on site and learning at the school, in The Knares

Year Six pupils have returned home for virtual learning after they had their month in the classroom.

The primary school has been holding a sports day for every year group since earlier in June.

Sue Jackson, the headteacher at the primary school, said she received countless emails on a daily basis from parents, thanking her for opening the school.

The proud head, said: “Not one teacher or child has tested positive for coronavirus.

“Our parents are so grateful for us re-opening. It gives them the chance to go back to work, their children the education they need, and a sense of routine again.

“Every child has been learning English, maths, science, and computing. We’re doing extra PE at the moment because we can’t use our swimming pool.

“We’ve been filming our sports day and sending it to parents.

“We can’t let them come and watch but they can still see their children have a great time.”