AN EXCITED four-year-old celebrated his lockdown birthday in style, with around 120 vehicles pulling up outside his Wickford home for an honorary drive-by.

Max Macey was jumping with delight when around 80 cars and 40 bikes took to Rubicon Avenue on Monday to mark the special occasion.

His mum, Amanda, was reduced to tears with the overwhelming support from the community after only expecting ten cars and ten bikes to show.

Max was diagnosed with autism in March, just as the outbreak began.

The 32-year-old said: “Where autistic children are so used to having a certain routine, he found it quite difficult to adjust to lockdown and the idea that he couldn’t see his friends, his nanna or go to nursery.

“We planned to take him to Hamley’s for his birthday, so we were gutted when we realised he would be spending it in lockdown.

“We worried it would be rubbish for him, so with my husband being a part of the Dengie and South Essex Bikers group and Max’s love for cars and bikes, I put out an appeal for help on Facebook.

“Before you know it we’ve got 80 cars and 40 bikes outside with drivers waving and wishing him a happy birthday. It took an hour for them all to pass by.”

Amanda said some well-wishers were even throwing presents out for him, a man gave him £20 and others bought him toy cars.

She added: “Max was jumping up and down all excited, it was absolutely crazy.

“We never expected this many to take part and were blown away by the response. We couldn’t have asked for more.”

“He’s also quite vulnerable, he’s had pneumonia in the past and had severe reflux when he was born, so we just remind him he can’t go out because of the ‘naughty bug’.

“Although he has social anxieties and it’s challenging we’re quite lucky that his autism is mild. He still gets freaked out sometimes by loud noises and so he wore ear defenders on the day and people waved instead of revving their engines.

“People were so considerate, a lady from the NHS arrived in an ambulance car and checked before she flashed her lights to celebrate, and everyone was so understanding.

“The men stepped well clear from the bike before Max got on, and the neighbours were out there with us cheering.”

She added: “Thank you so much to the Dengie and South Essex Bikers, the Wickford and Runwell Community Car Club, just everyone for your support. It was really touching to see so many pull together, we haven’t stopped crying.

“He will never forget this, I really don’t know how I’ll top this birthday”