Coastguard teams have issued a warning after kids were spotted jumping off a Shoebury pier.

Yesterday saw a spout of anti-social behaviour, social distancing issues and even damage at Barge Pier, as kids and anglers took to the structure on the Shoebury Garrison.

The Southend Coastguard team were first alerted to the potential risk when their pagers went off with a request from Dover Coastguard to attend the scene, after receiving reports a group of youngsters were jumping off the pier and into the water.

Southend Coastguard Rescue Officers along with Canvey crews met with police to address the anti-social and distancing behaviour, with HM Coastguard Southend taking to social media to warn how the pier is often used as an attraction to kids who proceed to jump off of the structure, despite the dangers this may bring.

Teams also warned how fisherman also use the pier regularly despite the warning signs and padlocked gate prohibiting admittance to the pier. According to the coastguard, the pier is also regularly broken into.

Following some very social distanced severe warnings from the police and safety advice given to all concerned, everyone was moved on and reports of the damages were put in to Southend Council, which included the locks and fences being broken.

HM Coastguard Southend, posted: "The pier sadly is an attraction to the kids who proceed to jump off of the structure with no thoughts to the possible dangers and currents that pose a threat to them.

"Sadly the locks and fences are often broken and openings cut into the already strong fences with a variety of equipment. This poses a risk to not only those using the pier but to those in attendance.

"In light of the current measures put in place by the government we would ask that people avoid the draw of the pier and also to not place unnecessary pressure on the emergency services.

"We would like to thank Southend Police and Canvey Coastguard Officers along with Dover Operations for their help."