Travellers have finally left a seafront car park after "trespassing" there for nearly 19 hours.

The move comes after about 15 caravans and cars crammed into the two small seafront car parks on Tuesday night.

>> Travellers 'still on seafront car parks despite promising to leave by 4pm yesterday'

The first encampment was set up outside the Windjammer restaurant and bosses there were told the group would be gone by 4pm last night, however the encampment still remained there this morning.

Staff from the Windjammer have now confirmed the last caravan left at around 11am this morning, trespassing after what has been nearly 19 hours since they promised to leave.

More caravans were also spotted in another car park further along the seafront, with council bosses saying a welded entry barrier had been broken to get caravans inside. 

It is not yet clear whether caravans still remain at this site.