BOSSES have issued a fresh plea for a re-think over the controversial 50mph speed limit on a stretch of the A127.

Kerry Smith, the deputy leader of Basildon Council, and Mark Francois, MP for Rayleigh and Wickford, have told the Echo the speed limit - in place between the Fortune of War junction to the Pound Lane junction - and will not cut emissions.

Their calls come after the speed limit has been in place for a month.

Both offered solutions on how to successfully reduce emissions on the A127, which include straightening the Fortune of War, widening the dual carriageway into a three-lane road, and NOT introducing a congestion charge.

Mr Smith stated the introduction of the 50mph speed limit in January was forced upon Essex County Council and Basildon Council because the Government “refused to sort out the A127” after opposition to the congestion charge was presented. He said: “We were forced into the decision into putting the 50mph speed limit in place.

“There’s no need for the congestion charge either.

“It was forced upon us. It was the only option.

“It will not reduce emissions.”

Mr Smith also outlined his vision for a cleaner A127, adding: “The Fortune of War roundabout needs to be straightened.

“It’s down and up hill. Cars are slowing and speeding up constantly. That doesn’t solve the emissions issue.

“The A127 also needs to be widened. This would increase traffic flow and reduce emissions as a result. There would be no need for the 50mph limit.”

Mr Francois, a long-term advocate of the straightening of Fortune of War, told the Echo that he is continuing his campaign.

He said: “I’ve always argued that the roundabout has to be straightened. This would reduce vehicle emissions effectively.”

The MP also said he has been in talks on the matter and “hopes to have more on this in the next month or so”.