A RECKLESS motorist crashed into a war veteran’s fence before driving off and leaving £500 of damage behind.

Linda Ewin, wife of veteran Brian Ewin, was horrified to discover that the driver had damaged two of their fences and knocked out its concrete base in an attempted U-turn on Seddons Walk, Hockley.

The 67-year-old said: “This reckless driving is so upsetting for us both, and £500 is just money we don’t have.

“At around 9.33pm on Tuesday, I heard a massive crash outside. I went outside to see what happened, but couldn’t see anything or anyone where it was dark. It wasn’t until the following morning I’d realised what had happened.

“The CCTV shows the driver trying to do a U-turn, but instead of executing it smoothly he reversed into our front garden fence, smashing the concrete pillar and knocking over two fences. He then pulled into the layby, didn’t even check the damage and drove off.

“The way the fences were left, they could’ve fallen on anyone.”

She continued: “This is the last thing Brian needs. He’s 70 and has Parkinson’s disease, so this has made him really panic and anxious. He’s also a war veteran, having served in the army for 40 years all over the place, including Libya and the Far East.

“He started off as a boy soldier in 1967, and I started in 1969. We met in Aldershot and have been together ever since.”

This is the second time within the past six months that the family have had their garden fence driven into.

Linda said: “We can’t believe this has happened again. The panels were literally brand new from where they had to be replaced six months ago.

“Fortunately, the driver actually stopped the first time and offered to pay for the damage. This time we weren’t as lucky.

“On CCTV you can see the van is a white Ford Transit, but the number plate isn’t visible where the street light is reflecting on it. If anyone can help us catch who is responsible, please get in touch.”

Anyone with information his asked to call Essex Police on 101.