A DREAMBOY dancer broke his leg and knocked out a 75-year-old woman after his pole collapsed during his routine.

Lewis Riches, 37, from Southend, was performing as part of male dance troupe, Dreamboys, at a London nightclub when the pole came off the ceiling and knocked the gran unconscious.

The freak accident, which took place at For Your Eyes Only club, in Shoreditch on Saturday, saw self-employed Lewis break his leg in two places, disjoint his ankle, and tear ligaments, leaving him unable to work for up to six months.

But that hasn’t put Lewis off and he’s already looking forward to dancing back into the spotlight.

Halstead Gazette:

Injury - Lewis will need an operation 

The dad-of-two told the Echo: “It happened in slow motion.

I tried to grab it but everything went black and I woke up screaming on the floor on the stage. I was scratching the floor.

“I couldn’t feel my legs and my foot was pointing up the wrong way.

“I then saw the woman on the floor.

“I tried to get up to see if she was okay but the bouncer pulled me back.

“I didn’t want anyone including the paramedics to touch me until I knew the lady was going to be okay.”

The woman, who was at her granddaughter’s hen party, was put in a neck brace before being taken to hospital with a head injury and concussion.

The show was cancelled minutes after it began.

Lewis, who is a transformation coach and ran a dance academy for disadvantaged children, is due to have an operation on his leg. He may need more than one operation.

He has sent the woman a get well video and is hoping to meet with her.

The dancer added: “It’s going to be a difficult few months – physically, mentally and financially.

“I am slightly scared about my career as I am self-employed, but Dreamboys has been amazing and are really supporting me.

“And my 13-year-old daughter has been coming to look after me every night.”

Dreamboys spokeswoman Kirsty Shaw-Rayner said: “Lewis is such a lovely guy.

He’s so sweet and he was in tears about the whole thing.

“All he was concerned about was making sure the lady was okay.

“Luckily, she is going to be alright but it’s not the way she imagined her night going."