MORE than 80per cent of household burglaries in Essex are closed without police identifying a suspect, data reveals.

The Police Federation says urgent funding is needed to reverse a situation which is “soul-destroying” for officers, as well as “intrusive and personal” for residents.

Home Office figures show that of the 6,861 residential burglaries reported to Essex Police in 2018-19, 83per cent were closed with the outcome listed as “investigation complete – no suspect identified”.

In 6 six per cent of cases, a suspect was identified and the victim supported an investigation, but “evidential difficulties prevented further action”, while a further 6 six per cent were closed because the victim declined or was unable to support any further investigation.

Just 4 four per cent of residential burglaries reported to Essex Police last year resulted in someone being charged or summoned to court, down from six last year.

One of the unsolved burglaries saw two men dressed as bikers storm a home in St Augustine’s Avenue, Thorpe Bay, attacked two women in their 70s and stole jewellery and a handbag on July 20.

Last month, crooks broke into a home in Timberlog Lane, Basildon and stole dozens of precious items.

A spokesman for Essex Police said burglaries can be difficult to solve due to a lack of witnesses because most happen overnight or when victims are away.

They added, however, that only four in 1,000 people in Essex were burgled last year.

A spokesman said: “Burglary is an intrusive and personal crime and it can take a long time for those targeted to feel truly safe again in their own home.

“In Essex, the likelihood of being a victim is low and the number of reported burglaries has fallen.

“In the 12 months to the end of January, there were more than 1,000 fewer residential burglaries in Essex and more than 1,500 fewer burglaries overall.”