Wetherspoon pubs are limiting parents to two alcoholic drinks each if they have their children with them.

The rule came to light when a poster was put up at a pub in Kent publicising it.

The chain said the guideline was designed to deter "unruly behaviour" by children left unsupervised.

And we asked for your views, with hundreds of readers commenting on the Echo Facebook page - with a range of responses but the majority agreeing parents shouldn't be having too many more drinks when supervising children.

Victoria Element said: "It's a good idea in the sence alot of parents dont care what there children get up too.

"But it's a shame to penalize sensible parents."

Lucy Walton said: "I don’t see an issue. You shouldn’t be going out getting pissed when you have your kids with you anyway.

"Get a babysitter if you want more than a drink. A Wetherspoons isn’t the place for kids anyway so not sure why you’d take them in there in the first place."

Emma Stewart added: "100% agree. Too many times has a drink and a meal been spoilt by kids running amok! The parents are oblivious and think it’s ok whilst they drink."

Shannon Sheppard said: "The point of this shouldn’t be to stop unruly children, it should be so that parents are sober to care for their children properly and not put them in danger. 

"It’s made me feel sick that people are more concerned about stopping kids running around a pub than they are about their safety."

Susan Kirkham said: "Not to mention the “unruly behaviour” of drunk parents embarrassing their children as well as all around them.

"I’m not a Wetherspoons fan but agree with this 100%."

Bernadette Saunders said: "It's such a shame that it has to come to this, why not trust the adults to look after their children and if u have a pub that welcomes children put in a child area. 

"I don't often go to pubs with my kids other than to have a meal but if I did I wouldn't get drunk as I am not as capable nor would I be happy for my children to see me like that."