AN autistic teen who battled suicidal depression has conquered her demons... by becoming Queen Victoria!

Self-confessed “goth” Amelia Burridge, 16, has brought the iconic monarch back to life and thinks “what would Victoria do?” when times are tough.

Halstead Gazette:

Hopes - Amelia wants to go pro as a Queen Victoria impersonator

And whereas most mums fight with daughters over what they wear, Amelia’s mum has a very different struggle.

Mum Claire, 45, has to help her into six starched petticoats, a corset, chemise, bodice and a skirt – weighing three stone.

The dedicated teenager, from Benfleet, has painstakingly handcrafted a crown, jewellery, broaches and other authentic regalia after studying paintings and museum pieces.

She said: “I was home-schooled because I have autism and I struggle a lot with social interaction - I know it sounds strange but dressing up as Queen Victoria has massively helped.

Halstead Gazette:

Regal - Amelia began her act in 2013 

“I was bullied at school and had a few suicide attempts when I was there, but Victoria has definitely helped me come out of my depression state.

“When I’m in my normal clothes, I’m scared of what I say, but as Victoria I know I am a Queen so no-one cares and everybody bows and calls me Your Majesty.

“When I’m in my normal life I think about what she would say and what she would do. I know people have the wrong idea that she is stuffy, but she was very different and I have read her diary and it was very feisty.

“It is an escape; sometimes I can be Victoria and sometimes I can be myself, which helps a lot.”

Amelia appears as a young Queen Victoria at events several times a year and now hopes to pursue her passion professionally after impersonating the monarch transformed her life.

Halstead Gazette:

Original - Queen Victoria in 1897. Amelia hopes to go pro as an impersonator

The teenager, who began portraying the Queen at 13, has spent hundreds of hours perfecting her dresses and studying journals to help her answer tricky historical questions.

Most weekends she works on perfecting her dresses and jewellery with her family and boyfriend – who appears as Prince Albert.