THERE'S something about being behind the wheel of a car that makes us that little bit more irritable. 

And the boring task of queuing for petrol doesn't really help matters.

Being forced to wait while the driver in front does their weekly shop or fiddles with their phone have been named among the top petrol station problems.

Motoring specialists from have revealed eight of the things that most annoy British drivers when filling up their vehicles with fuel.

A spokesman added: “Feathers are often ruffled when an inconsiderate driver blocks the pumps as they do their shopping or check in on social media.

“When people go to fill up their cars with fuel, they’re not doing it for pleasure and don’t want to take any longer out of their day than necessary.

“We’ve revealed eight of the most annoying things frequently encountered at petrol stations across the UK, in the hope that highlighting them might reduce their occurrence.”

1. Obstructing two pumps

Bad parking when pulling up to refuel, resulting in the neighbouring pump being temporarily inaccessible, is nothing short of infuriating for other drivers.

2. Wrong lane

There’s also little more frustrating than waiting for another motorist to back up and move to the correct lane if they’ve pulled up by pumps for the wrong payment or fuel type.

3. Wrong side

We’ve all forgotten what side our fuel cap is on before, but drivers waiting patiently behind someone struggling to stretch the nozzle around their car will probably be tutting away.

Halstead Gazette:

(Top tip: The little arrow next to the petrol pump symbol is telling you which side your fuel cap is on)

4. Using disposable gloves

There’s a time and a place for using gloves, such as if the fuel pump handle is dirty, but otherwise you’re likely to get a few stern looks from waiting drivers if you take your time putting them on.

5. Precise costing

Is a minute of trying to gently and precisely squeeze the fuel up from £19.93 to £20 really going to make any difference?

Everyone could just get on with their day.

6. Weekly shop before paying

The most annoying problem encountered at a petrol station, by far, is getting stuck waiting your turn behind a driver who has decided now is the perfect time to consider what vegetables they need to accompany dinner.

If you need to do a leisurely weekly shop, or anything more than pay for your fuel and grab a quick snack, you should really pull into a parking space.

7. Ambling back to the car

Taking in the local scenery with a slow, dithering walk across the forecourt back to your car is sure to annoy and fellow drivers waiting patiently behind your vehicle to use the pump.

8. Playing with your phone before leaving

It’s generally considered polite to quickly get out of the way once back in your car after filling up.

If you need to use your phone, adjust the radio or tuck in to your lunch before continuing with your journey, you should find another safe location to stop, rather than blocking the pumps.

Which one annoys you the most? Or is there something even more annoying that drivers do at petrol pumps?