A HORRIBLE note was stuck onto an ambulance while medics were treating a patient.

The note was put onto the ambulance while attending a medical emergency on Colchester Road in Southend, and has been condemned by the community.

The sign read: “Don’t care if you are an ambulance you can’t block people’s driveways.

“Either ask or f*****g come out when we beep the horn for 10 minutes.”

A Southend hospital worker told the Echo that these kind of incidents are becoming more common. The 40-year-old, said: “This kind of thing is so upsetting. This kind of behaviour needs to be highlighted.

“Luckily these incidents are still in the minority. Most people are wonderful. It’s nice to see people being kind and respectful on social media.”

Kevin Buck, a Tory councillor at Southend Council, told the Echo that the abusive note wasn’t acceptable. He said: “It’s amazing that people have forgotten about the great work that the ambulance service do.

“The offender has shown no empathy for the person who needed to call an ambulance. It’s such a selfish and thoughtless attitude.

“It’s the way society has gone. It’s such a shame. We’ve lost our way in thinking about others.”

The East of England ambulance service issued a plea to the public to stop the abuse of ambulance crews. A spokesman said: “We are asking members of the public who abuse ambulance crews over parking issues to remember they are there to save lives. Our crews are instructed to be considerate where they park.

“However in areas where parking is limited, an ambulance may need to park in the first available space to attend a critically ill or injured patient.

“If a marked ambulance is parked across your drive for a few minutes, please think – is your parking space more important than a neighbour’s life?”