Wayne Kavanagh has been sent to jail after causing a ten-hour stand off in Sherwood, Way, Southend.

On Monday, September 30, he told police he had a bomb.

It was the second time he has been involved in such a stand-off and was today sent to jail for a year by Judge John Lodge. 

In a letter to the judge, he pleaded for leniency and made an apology to everyone effected by his actions, which he says he cannot remember. 

Here is his letter to the judge in full: 

“I am struggling to write this letter, but here I am.

“I am writing it to make a massive apology to all the emergency services for wasting their important time with my actions, and to all the families that were evacuated from the road.

“It was a year to the day that my brother was found deceased. I had meant to celebrate him but instead I had a meltdown, and I turned to drink and drugs.

“I have no memory of what I did, I only know after the police and other people told me after I was arrested. I really wish I could take back the whole day.

“I am stuck in a roundabout of behaviour that I can’t get off. If I do not get help I will be doomed to rot in prison.

“The court should take a step back to hear my cries instead of setting me up to fail.

“I have never been given any sort of help, just locked up and cast aside.

“I’ve never been the sort of person to ask for help but I know I am in a situation where if I don’t get help I will be lost.

“I need help, and now I’m asking for it.”