A STUN gun hidden under a bush was found in a park in Benfleet.

Essex Police say a PCSO was patrolling Richmond Park in Benfleet when a member of the public handed in the stungun, which could cause serious harm.

The stungun was found discarded under a bush. Police say it was likely to be retrieved at a later date.

A spokesman said: "The stun gun has enough power to cause harm.

"We receive a number of reports of items mainly knives being found in public areas which look to be hidden with intention to collect, this makes our occasional knife sweeps of parks and other areas worthwhile.

"If you come across a knife or an object which you believe is likely to be used as a weapon at a later time please report this to police on 101.

"We do have knife bins at the front of Canvey and Rayleigh Police Station which can be utilised also."