UBER is set to be told to leave Basildon for good... or apply for a specific licence to operate within the borough.

Basildon has seen a sharp increase in Uber drivers in the area over the last three years, with Basildon-based firms complaining to the council over a negative affect on business.

As things stand, Uber drivers are licensed by Transport for London - meaning Basildon council has little power to take action against drivers and to regulate Uber’s work in the borough.

The council’s licensing committee will meet next week, and vote on whether to write to the relevant minister of state raising concerns over the licensing regulations.

The committee will also consider writing directly to Uber demanding that vehicles are either removed from Basildon, or apply for an operators licence from Basildon Council.

The council has previously sought legal advice on the issue, which has stated that Uber’s activity is “not illegal”.

A spokesman for Basildon Council said: “The feedback from the local licensed Hackney Carriage and Private Hire trade is that this operation is significantly impacting their business activities and therefore their income.

“This also raises concerns in relation to enforcement and the maintenance of local standards.

"Basildon Council has no powers to undertake vehicle/driver checks in relation to those vehicles/drivers from outside of the borough in relation to compliance with the Basildon conditions of licence.

“There are concerns, raised not only by the local trade, but also by officers that the fact that the ‘out of town’ vehicles and drivers are not subject to the same standards, creates an unlevel playing field.

“The drivers licensed by TfL do not have to undergo all of the same checks or training as those licensed by Basildon Council - TfL do not require them to undertake a knowledge test, driving standards assessment or passenger assistance training.”