A LOVING twin surprised her football-mad blind brother with tickets to a football game and a meet-and-greet with the players.

Michael Fenn, 60, from Southend, lost his sight after he underwent lifesaving surgery to remove a brain tumour the size of an orange when he was 11.

However, twin sister, Carol Hilton, said he has never once complained and is always cheerful and outgoing.

She wanted to do something extra special for her inspirational twin, who has been a Southend United FC fan since the 80s, and thought what better way than to surprise him with being a mascot for the day.

She said: “It was such a lovely day. Michael and I, my older brother John, and my husband and daughter all came too, it was a day I’ll never forget.

“Michael came out onto the pitch with everyone and shook hands with all the players and then met Harry Bunn, his favourite player, afterwards at the Blues’ lounge and he presented Michael with a signed football”

Not only did get Michael get star treatment from the club but he was also surprised by the entertainment - as was Carol.

Carol explained: “The entertainment was great, a woman beautifully sang Dreaming of a White Christmas, but it honestly seemed like she was singing it to Michael – it made me get all emotional!”

Michael continues to live life to the fullest despite his disability and has a very close bond with his siblings.

Carol visits her twin brother on a regular basis and is always sure to organise something special for their birthday.

Michael said: “I had a very nice time, it’s nice when you get a surprise - my sister and brother are both very good.

“I loved all the attention I got when I was there it was great.

“Harry Bunn came down and was really friendly.

“Sadly Southend lost but nevermind I still really enjoyed myself.

“I’ve been to more than a thousand Southend games.

“The first match I went to was in 1987 against Rotherham.

“When I had my hip operation though, I wasn’t able to go anymore because of where the fixed positions for the visually impaired are – they are too high up, and I can’t get up the stairs.

“But it’s okay. I listen to the games on the radio.”

Unfortunately the team lost 2-1 to Rochdale.