A VAN got stuck under a bridge causing delays around Manningtree Railway Station this morning.

The vehicle became wedged under the notorious underpass on the A137 by the station at about 7.30am.

It is the latest in a long line of incidents where chancers have tried their luck at squeezing under the low bridge.

Halstead Gazette: A previous incident, in 2012. Picture: Steve BradingA previous incident, in 2012. Picture: Steve Brading

Alistair Davidson, who witnessed the incident unfold, said : "I went over the top and saw the van eyeing up to go under, there was no chance it was going to fit."

In the past, Carlo Guglielmi, Essex county councillor for Mistley, Manningtree and Lawford, has called for the maximum height limit for vehicles to be better highlighted

Following a previous incident, he told the Gazette: “It’s appalling that people are still making these idiotic mistakes at the bridge.

“When this type of incident happens there is absolute carnage on the roads.

“It’s an error every driver should not make.”

It is understood the traffic has now cleared