A CAMPAIGNING councillor has praised a “huge improvement” in two roads plagued by fly-tipping.

Harwich town councillor Geoff Smith regularly visits Mill Lane and Hordle Street, in Dovercourt in a bid to try and highlight the issue.

He previously expressed not a day goes by without fly-tipped material being present in both locations, and he has been working with Tendring Council to bring the spate to an end.

His tireless campaigning has now led to signs and a camera being put up in tipping hotspots, and the results are finally coming to fruition.

Mr Smith said: “Since the signs have been put up there has been a noticeable difference in the amount of rubbish that’s been left along the lane.

“Most days I’ve been to look it’s been completely clear, although there have been a couple of days where bags have been ripped open and rubbish has been scattered along Hordle Street.

“I’m not saying it has solved the problem, but it’s a huge improvement and I will be working with TDC to do the same in other nearby hotspots.”

The councillor is now calling for residents to report any cases they witness to the council or directly to him.

"This is not fair on the residents and it's not fair on the council. If anyone sees it happening we would appreciate their help,” he added.

People can report fly-tipping to Tendring Council at https://bit.ly/3upJQTM.