EARLIER this week (Gazette, May 4) we published an article about Lisa Cross, who protested in Queen Street on Saturday, highlighting the climate emergency. Below is a letter to her grandchildren, explaining her actions:

Dear grandchildren

My love for you both is without doubt, so much so I feel it is necessary to make a stand against our government and world governments’ inaction on the Climate Emergency. I feel they are not doing enough to ensure you both have a safe and happy future.

You know about Climate Change but may not realise how much of an emergency we are in right now and why should you? You are only 11 and 14 years old; life should be sunny, exciting and you should have the opportunity to live fulfilled lives.

My actions today are designed to show that we all have a voice and that we should use it to draw attention to important issues in a loving and non-violent way. You may think that stopping some traffic in a town centre is not much but it takes courage and planning. Not everybody will understand, which is a little scary and that is because our government and media tycoons do not want to see change that they cannot control even when they have created the problems in the first place.

Halstead Gazette:

With this in mind always try to read widely and think about why things happen the way they do. All humans are equal and ALL life is precious so please remember you have as much right as anybody to question things if they don’t seem right.

This is what I and many other 1000s of people around the world will be doing on May 1st. Every action has a consequence and we hope that the consequence of our actions is that people realise that what future generations will face is going to be very real, very unpleasant and our society needs to act very, very quickly if we are going to have any chance of survival and happiness.

I love you both, I love our planet and I love life.


(Lisa Cross)