GREEN-FINGERED school students mindful of the environment have planted several fruit trees which they will now continue to look after.

Pupils at the Cann Hall Primary School, in Constable Avenue, Clacton, have been learning about the importance of looking after the planet since before Christmas.

After reading The Promise by Nicola Davies, which reinforces themes of determination and environment, they planted blubs in the school grounds.

Following a lengthy delay, due to the pandemic, the eco-conscious students have now planted fruit trees on a piece of land not far from their school.

They will now maintain the area regularly and plans are in place for them to install polite notices reminding people to take home their litter and other mess.

Cann Hall headteacher, Mrs Emma Levy, said: “We have been looking forward to this and are so happy that it has now happened.

“With your children planting the trees and more importantly looking after them, we hope that the local residents will benefit as well as the children.”

School councillor Finley Smith, one of the pupils involved in the project, said he would like to do more tree planting in the area.

He said: “I really enjoyed it and I’m sure everyone else did too. Hopefully, we can do another tree planting session in the future.”

Gina Placey, Tendring councillor for the Cann Hall ward, also helped get the environment-focused initiative in motion.

She added: “It is so refreshing to hear so many of our youngsters’ ideas of how they can get involved with making our area a nicer place to live and more importantly wanting to do something about it.

“I was happy to be able to assist in getting this one rolling and thank the council gardeners for their invaluable help.

“I am looking forward to hearing more ideas from the members of the school council once we are allowed to meet again.”

Gina Placey (Tendring First) is standing in the upcoming local elections for the Clacton North division.

The other candidates are: John Bolton (Lab), Natasha Osben (Green), Andrew Pemberton (Reform), Mike Skeels (Con) and Andy Wood (Ind).